In the course "Duplex Examination of Carotid, Vertebral, and Intracranial Arteries," you will immerse yourself in modern diagnostic methods based on international standards. This course provides detailed information on the following topics:

1. Features of duplex examination of carotid and vertebral arteries.
2. Assessment of intima-media thickness and cardiovascular risk.
3. Description of atherosclerotic plaques. Diagnostic criteria for unstable and complicated atherosclerotic plaques.
4. Morphological and hemodynamic analysis of stenoses. Comparison of methods and criteria for assessing the severity of carotid stenoses.
5. Diagnosis of pathology of vertebral arteries: subclavian-vertebral steal syndrome, rotational compression syndrome, and stenoses.
6. Non-atherosclerotic pathology of carotid arteries: arteritis, deformations.
7. Features of duplex examination of intracranial arteries.
8. Diagnosis of intracranial hypertension.
9. Assessment of intracranial stenoses.
10. Criteria for vasospasm and assessment of its severity.
11. Features of assessing intracranial collateral circulation.

Join us to enrich your knowledge and skills in the field of duplex examination of arteries. Professional development and practical skills aligned with contemporary medical standards await you.
Duplex Study of Carotid
and Vertebral Arteries
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