Online Course
Full Course on Ultrasonid Angiology is designed to enhance the professional skills of ultrasound doctors specializing in angiology examinations and the interpretation of their results.

What to expect:

Angiology Fundamentals: Knowledge of ultrasound physics and the anatomy and physiology of the vascular system. Fundamental imaging modalities (2D, color flow imaging, pulsed-wave Doppler).

Duplex Ultrasound Examination: In-depth examination of the cervical segments of the carotid, vertebral, and intracranial arteries in normal conditions and various pathologies. Ultrasound assessment of atherosclerotic plaques, morphological and hemodynamic evaluation of stenoses. Diagnosing vertebral artery rotational compression syndrome. Modern criteria for stenosis severity. Detailed assessment of intracranial arteries, collateralization, and intracranial hypertension.

Duplex Examination of Arteries and Veins in Lower Extremities: Criteria for stenosis, assessment of their severity. What is ABI, how to measure and interpret it. Evaluation of shunts. Diagnosis of venous thrombosis and chronic venous insufficiency.

Comprehensive Course
in ultrasound Angiology (Dopplerography)
Master classes include:

Setting up the ultrasound device: Real examples of working with the Mindray DC-70 ultrasound device.
Ultrasound anatomy of veins: Deep understanding of the venous system.
Optimization of settings for venous examination: Practical skills for examining the veins of the lower extremities.
Examination of the superficial venous system: In-depth study of superficial veins.
Examination of arteries in the lower extremities: Diagnosis of arterial pathologies.
Duplex examination of the extracranial system: Analysis of vessels in the neck area.
Duplex examination of the intracranial system: Study of vessels within the skull.
Why choose our course:

Modern materials: Courses are based on current data and use international diagnostic standards.
Master classes: The educational cycle includes practical sessions for a better understanding of the application of knowledge in practice.